Learn, Invest and Earn thanks to the most complete Crypto Community ever.

We have created the most complete training path that will lead you, even starting from scratch, to acquire all the skills necessary to invest, earn and enrich your Crypto portfolio.

Everything has been created to perfection to make you obtain a concrete and lasting result over time.
In a simple way

The 4 Pillars of our Community


The most complete cryptocurrency academy ever. A complete path from A to Z, even for those starting from scratch.


We provide accurate and precise reports.

In this way you will have the possibility to immediately generate your first earnings with an optimal management of your wallet (crypto wallet).


The Community is constantly growing and above all Cryptocurrencies represent the new digital money.

Take part in this Evolution with us!


You’ll never be alone!

The Powermade team is active every day within the platform to answer your questions and curiosities to ensure maximum support and learning.


Knowledge first of all

Why do we start with training? The crypto world is constantly expanding and new coins and projects are born every day that can create an excellent investment opportunity and long-lasting income.

As you know, or you will learn, within Powermade each cryptocurrency grows in value and lasts over time if it has a valid, innovative and scalable project.

What are the cryptocurrencies with solid projects and which are just “scams” created specifically to steal money from people?

How to earn and manage your portfolio by balancing risk and increasing profits?

Powermade was created specifically to guide you from A to Z.

You will find the experience of industry experts who have been working for over 5 years and, after spending thousands of euros in training and having “thrown” money on poor crypto, today they live and earn every day thanks to the Powermade strategy.

Once in the Community …

You will find all the contents always updated in the various modules.



Always up-to-date training courses that will teach you how to become a profitable trader day in and day out


Complete guides to learn how the world of cryptocurrencies works


Live weekly that will allow you to be in close contact with the Powermade team, which will help you day by day to better understand this new world



We analyze every single cryptocurrency that is launched, its team, the project and if it can be an opportunity or simply a waste of money


We have created a section where we will provide you with the best portfolios and how to adapt them to your financial situation, analyzing the portfolios of large investors


We offer you constant and precise support at 360 ° helping you to understand this world more and more



Our alerts have an 80% win rate, we constantly analyze the market to find the best opportunities

Risk management

We will provide the necessary information to better manage the risk and safeguard your investment capital in the short, medium and long term.


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