Integrated Tokenomy

The transactions have a built-in 8% Tax that is used for 3 features: Reflection in BTCB, integrated Buyback&Burn and Automatic Liquidity. These features are coded inside the token itself and will be useful to sustain the price and the liquidity on the DEX for the long term. More the volume on the DEX, higher the effect of these functionalities.

Deflationary Economy

 A part of the transaction tax will be cumulated over a period of time and automatically used to buyback the tokens from the DEX and burn them. The 3% of the transaction amount will be used for this purpose, every 1-3 months there will be a burning event, reducing the supply.

Bitcoin Reflection

A part of the transaction tax will be used to reward our holders with wrapped Bitcoins (BTCB). A minimum of 2000 PWD is needed to receive the Reflection directly in the wallet and sent every time a transaction is made (2% tax). Our loyal holders that will keep the PWD in the wallet will receive The King Cryptocurrency that everyone knows.

Discounts Everywhere

Using PWD to pay for goods and services, like the Academy and the Marketplace, will unlock discounts up to 20%, depending on the amount of token and the NFTs you hold. The Academy will be the first place where this Tokenomy will be integrated. The network marketing activity will increase the utility and the demand of the PWD token.

Go Shopping and sell goods

Buy the Marketplace gift-cards at a discount using PWD and redeem them on the shop to buy thousands of products in Italy and EU. Do you have products to sell? Use your PWD to buy B2B Marketplace Licenses and list your goods on the Marketplace. There will be also an exclusive Powermade category of products, accessible with a yearly Prime Pass.

Farming and Staking

Provide liquidity on PancakeSwap and earn daily PWD rewards depositing the LP tokens in the Farming dApp. You want to put your tokens at work without the risk of impermanent losses? Deposit your PWD in the Staking dApp and earn more PWD. Staking rewards are less than Farming rewards. The rate will decrease over time for both services.

Reach the goals

The PWD tokens will be used to reward our users when they reach some goals inside our ecosystem and our Academy. Completing courses, passing exams, reach network marketing goals. There will be also many contests, competitions, raffles to keep our community happy and active.

The DAO and the Governance

We will become an on-chain DAO in the coming years, with a hybrid governance model. There will be an executive board of members managing the funds, but a share of the power will be in hand of the token holders. We will hear your voice and you PWD will have its weight in the decision-making machine.

Infinite Possibilities

All the future DAO initiatives, products and services will leverage the PWD token in some way, creating utility and using it as a glue in the ecosystem. We will use it also for the Mini DAOs, exclusive managed funds/portfolios operated by separated DAOs, interconnected with the Powermade Ecosystem.














PWD Contract address:


Recommended slippage: 10%

  • Reflection

    easy way to make passive income

    2% of each transaction, purchase or sale of the token is converted into Bitcoin on the BSC network (BTCB) and distributed to those who have at least 2000 PWDs in the wallet. The more tokens you hold, the bigger the reflection you will receive.

  • Buyback & Burn

    make your brand stand out

    3% of each transaction, purchase or sale of the token is converted into BUSD and accumulated within the token. At predetermined intervals, encoded in the token itself and known a priori, all the accumulated BUSDs are used to buy PWDs on the market in a single large purchase operation and then burn the purchased tokens. The amount of existing tokens decreases, increasing the PWD value.

  • Automatic liquidity

    plan an awesome event

    3% of each transaction, purchase or sale of the Token is automatically converted into liquidity on the BNB / PWD pair. This source of automatic liquidity guarantees the correct operation of the token over the long term, favoring trading activity.

The Functions of the Powermade Token

PWD is a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain network. Initially there are 14 million tokens, of which 3.5 million sold to the community, over 2 million allocated for the rewards of Yield Farming and Staking and 1 million destined for contests, competitions and airdrops.

We care about security and we want to avoid market manipulation, which is why most of the DAO tokens and liquidity are locked in a vesting smart contract, in the same way as those of the participants in the sales rounds.

The main features of the token are 3: Reflection in Bitcoin, Buyback and Burn and automatic liquidity.

Rewards with Farming and Staking

With Powermade you will be able to access the DeFi world, putting your tokens to work thanks to Yield Farming and Staking and receiving daily rewards in PWD.

Farming is aimed at Liquidity Providers, or those in the community who provide liquidity on the PancakeSwap exchange on the BNB / PWD and BUSD / PWD pairs.

Staking is aimed at holders, who will be able to obtain other PWDs simply by depositing their tokens in the Staking smart contract.

Two effective ways to contribute to the growth of the token and obtain a passive income in PWD!


ecco gli eventi più importanti

  • Q1.2022

    • PWD Token Concept and Tokenomy
    • Affiliation Smart Contract Concept
    • Crypto Academy Concept
    • Hiring developers, advisors, resources
    • Write and release the Token Whitepaper
    • Token Seed-Round
    • Developing starts
  • Q2.2022

    • Token Development and Auditing
    • IDO Whitelisting campaign and airdrops
    • Powermade IDO Sale
    • PWD listing on PancakeSwap Contest: Free Market Raffle
    • Academy prelaunch with the first Italian courses (Zoom live classes), BUSD only
    • DeFi Farming for PWD liquidity providers
    • Develop a new Website for the products and services
    • First Art NFT collection in partnership with an Italian Cartoonist (BUSD Only)
    • List the Token on Nomics


  • Q3.2022

    • Start the design of the Social-Academy platform
    • PWD Academy utility: use PWD to buy on academy with discounts
    • Release Utility NFT whitepaper
    • Develop the Qualification management Smart Contract (rewards for the network marketing)
    • Improve the Business Backoffice (Frontend interface, features, qualifications)
    • Develop the WordPress custom bridge with the Smart Contracts
    • List the Token on Coingecko and CMC
    • Start more aggressive marketing
  • Q4.2022

    • Powermade NFT Genesis Collection (Utility NFTs)
    • E-Commerce launch: PWD used to buy gift cards with discounts
    • Enable the Powermade NFTs Tokenomy and the high-discount Tiers
    • Think the roadmap for the 2023


  • 2022

    • Introduce new products and services;
    • Release the Social-Learning Platform
    • Increase the Academy offer: new courses, new teachers, new partnerships
    • More NFT collections
    • Trading Signals VIP groups
    • DAO and MiniDAO development and beta
    • More Marketing
    • More Partnerships

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